Playful characters were created from monsters and flowers to be made into an all over patterns for children's shoes. Patterns were then mocked up to display the layout of the design on the shoe.
Floral characters
I decided to add eyes and happy smiles to the flowers in this design to create a personable and fun feel to the pattern. 
Here we have a sunflower, plumeria, tulip, lily, trumpet and a chrysanthemum. 
Crowns and Jewels
The crowns and jewels pattern uses a feminine colour palette along with princess tiaras, rainbows, jewels and cupcakes.

Monsters come in all different shapes and sizes. I chose bright colours to elicit a happy and friendly feeling and large goggly eyes and award limbs.

The third design is aimed to be unisex with fun objects and food associated with childhood summer; sweet treats and sunshine!
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