About ME
Hey there, I'm Renee. I recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with my Bachelor's in Web Design and also have an Associates in Graphic Design. I've spent the last 5 years refining my digitally creative skills and mastering Adobe's programs.  
Fun fact: Since my 21st birthday my hair has been various colours.
Read my Interview with VoyageMIA and Her Campus UCF to learn more about my creative journey.
About my work
During my first years of college, I was first introduced to Photoshop World which propelled my interest in adding photography to my list of business goals. 
In most of my portrait photography I try to capture a ‘natural’ essence which is inspired by my roots in nature and macro photography. Since my start in portrait photography I have curated a series, Black and White Studio Photography. This takes on a very different approach from my outdoor portrait photography sessions, since the environment is more controlled with a solid grey background and light modifiers.
Coil & Connect : Handmade Jewelry
For almost three years I have been working on my small jewelry business. I have taken my time to work on branding, product photography and website using WooCommerce. Samples of my project have been dispersed throughout my Behance profile, and professional social media pages. You can view my website at coilandconnect.com and Coil & Connect Instagram page which showcases my product photography.
Most times I find it difficult to summarize all that I do, so feel free to browse through my social media profiles. All the links are at the bottom of this page.
Thank you!
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