Being a creative is at the core of who I am. I was born in Jamaica and moved to Florida where I completed my A.S. in Graphic Design and B.A. in Web Design. My passion for creativity transcends into various facets of my life, and I enjoy utilizing it to tackle problems.
Check out my Interview with​​​​​​​ VoyageMIA and Her Campus UCF to learn more about my creative journey.
About my work
As a photographer, I was introduced to the world of Photoshop during my first years of college which sparked my interest. In my portrait photography, I strive to capture a natural essence inspired by my love for nature and macro photography. I have also created a series of Black and White Studio Photography, which takes a different approach from my outdoor sessions, with a controlled environment and light modifiers.
Another area of focus for me is graphic design. I specialize in portrait illustrations and brand identity. Over the years, I have worked with businesses in various industries and developed a keen eye for creating strong brand identities. One of my most significant projects was the rebranding of Lifestones Gems and Minerals, which challenged my creative skills in photography, graphic design, web design, development, and social media marketing.
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