Zodiac Cards
Each Zodiac (Astrological Sign) card features the birthdate ranges for each along with gemstone combinations for each each. Customers can scan the provided QR code which will lead them to a blog post on explaining in more detail the properties of each stone.

There are 12 in total from the set, each card displays the date ranges of each zodiac, the natural element associated with each along with the stones. Gradient color choices for each card are also inspired by the stones they are associated with.
Astrological Signs (Zodiac) cards printed on 4x4" card stock.
Packaging Tape
Featuring vector drawn crystals, @lifestonesgalleria's Instagram handle and phrase 'you don't choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you'. The packaging tape is used to add a branded element to packaging for in store orders for large crystal specimens.
Packaging tape mockup
Lifestones Galleria Packaging Tape Design
T shirt design "You don't choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you" embodies the lifestyle at Lifestones.
T Shirts for Retail Store Associates
Indoor Mall advertisements to increase social media engagement.
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